What is The
EAntrepreneurship Cohort?

Executive assistants and other force multipliers are the ultimate intrapreneurs.
As the right-hand partner to CEOs, visionary leaders, and founders, they have a front-row seat (and usually play a significant part) in helping their Principal navigate change, overcome challenges, create the company culture, grow the organization, and much more. The executive assistant and executive support profession is an incredible career all on its own. 
And yet…
… there are some EAs who will decide to make the move from intraprenuer to entrepreneur, just like I did, and that’s where The EAntrepenership Cohort comes in! 

Who It's For

The EAntreprenuership Cohort is a small group coaching experience for executive assistants, personal assistants, chiefs of staff, and other force multipliers who are dreaming about leaving their 9 to 5 (or have already left their 9-5) to work for themselves. 
Whether you recently left your job, are considering your next career move, or thinking about going all-in and launching your own business, this 12-week cohort will help you explore your next step, help you understand the different types of business opportunities available to you, help you develop your vision for your business, identify client acquisition and marketing strategies, and start your business off on the right foot, all while collaborating with like-minded (former EA) entrepreneurs. 

Topics Covered

The EAntreprenership Cohort will cover a variety of topics to help you determine whether or not entrepreneurship is the right move for you and how to get extremely clear on the business you want to create. In addition, the cohort will help you: 

What You Get


Weekly 1-hour group coaching and mastermind calls for 12 weeks


Masterminding with a group of like-minded, creative, and committed new entrepreneurs


Review of marketing materials, mission statements, business plans, etc. as needed


Weekly assignments to keep you on track and making progress towards your goals


Monthly book club


Private Facebook group for additional collaboration and book discussions


Today's Price = $1500

OR 3 Payments of $525