Since 2019, I’ve co-authored two Amazon best-selling books and led the publishing process to get us there.

The Founder & The Force Multiplier

How Entrepreneurs & Executive Assistants Achieve More Together

By Adam Hergenrother with Hallie Warner

Achieve More Together

The Founder & The Force Multiplier is only book written from both the Leader’s and Executive Assistant’s perspective – because behind every visionary Founder is a powerful Force Multiplier.

Entrepreneur Adam Hergenrother & his former Chief of Staff, Hallie Warner, take us behind the scenes of a thriving entrepreneurial organization to show you how to grow your business and career to epic proportions using the power of strategic partnership.

In this book, you’ll learn:

the 200% Life

Your Guide to Spiritual Growth & Business Success Without Meditating on a Mountaintop

By Adam Hergenrother with Hallie Warner

Use Business as a Conduit for Your Personal Growth

The 200% Life offers a completely fresh perspective on solving common challenges faced by high achievers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals: such as overcoming fear, burnout, work-life integration challenges, imposter syndrome, lack of clarity, lack of purpose in a career, self-sabotage, poor communication, limiting mindset beliefs, and more.

When your external and internal growth are deeply interconnected, you unlock more than you ever imagined—more vision, more clarity, more self-awareness, more success, more results, more achievements, and, most importantly, more inner joy and peace.

In this book, you’ll learn: